Waxman is the resident tough guy of our apron collection: It’s made from water-resistant waxed canvas strong enough that the British Navy has relied on it during the harshest sea conditions. It’s durable yet comfortable, rustic yet refined—perfect for an outdoor grilling session.

What else makes Waxman so strong? The angled square lap pockets are secured with brass rivets. The soft American leather strap is reinforced. And the chest pocket is seamless so you can fit everything you need in it.

But that’s only part of the story. We’re always exploring textiles for different performance qualities, and Waxman is special. The millner, British Millerain, was the first producer of waxed cotton canvas (we’re talking the 1880s, people). And not only that, but the all natural waxed canvas is a living, breathing fabric that develops a one-of-a-kind, leather-like patina that makes it a statement piece for any kitchen. As the apron changes, you can even re-wax it like a surfboard.

Please note: Because of its unique textiles, the Waxman apron cannot be washed! Wipe it clean as necessary, and wax as needed.

Additional Colors: Brown and Gray


  • 12.5 oz British Waxed Canvas, originally created for navy sailors
  • This is a living, breathing canvas. It’s water resistant and takes on a completely unique patina with time.
  • Oversized Chest Pocket
  • Angled Square Lap pockets with brass rivets for extra durability
  • Leather Neck Strap and towel loop
  • 100% Cotton Waist Straps
  • Washing notes: CANNOT BE WASHED! Must be wiped clean as needed.
  • Re-coat wax as necessary.


$ 2,200.00 MXN