The Carryall Apron - Julep

The Carryall Apron is the mood ring of the collection, ready to match your kitchen vibe (or, let’s be real, look) and help make everything just so. True to its name, there’s enough storage for all your kitchen baubles, including a purpose-built pocket for that most essential of cooking aids: your phone. Whatever your palette The Carryall Apron has you covered, with canvas as durable and comfortable as it is washable. So let the colorful spices fly, there’s nothing you can throw at this apron it can’t handle.

  • Fabric Details: This 100% Cotton, Canvas Fabric weighs in at 8 oz.
  • How to Love Your Apron: Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry or Tumble Dry Low. Low Iron as Needed.


    $ 1,650.00 MXN