All Black. Almost. Not for just any Tom, Dick, or Harry... we designed this badass apron for the doers in our lives. The ones who love getting their hands (and clothes!) dirty. Made with a sturdy jet black duck canvas, this apron has got a crossback that doesn't sag, making it comfortable for long hours at the work bench. We added leather accents for extra detail and to reinforce the straps. #doubleduty The waist area has reinforced paneling for durability. It has lots of pockets on pockets too. It's a solid choice for those looking to rock an all black look - the silver rivets add a nice little pop of utility.

This second run of the BLACKJACK apron has updated square lap pockets!


  • 12 oz Black Cotton
  • Triple Chest Pocket
  • Square Lap Pockets
  • Silver Rivets
  • Towel Loop
  • Crossback
  • Black Leather Details
  • 40" Waist Straps


$ 1,699.00 MXN