In the kitchen, we wear our aprons as much as we wear our jeans. Our latest denim collection pays homage to iconic styles and washes of decades past. 

The 1972 Denim Apron pays homage to those cherished vintage Levi’s that have been washed a thousand times. This 10 oz medium-weight denim is a nod to those vintage blues. You know those jeans you’ve had for years, that look perfectly worn-in without trying too hard? That’s 1972 for you. 

Two lap pockets, a double pen chest pocket and brass hardware make this apron tough enough to withstand the heat of any kitchen. 

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  • 10 oz Denim, medium weight
  • Double Pen Chest Pocket
  • Two Lap Pockets
  • 100% Cotton Straps
  • 7” Adjustable Neck Strap
  • Machine Wash Regular, Tumble Dry


$ 1,800.00 MXN